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COMPLUS aims to strengthen the participation and voice of communities and community structures in urban pluralistic health systems for better alignment of health system actors around the common goals of accountable, responsive, and inclusive health systems. It seeks to identify a model for effective and meaningful participation within the pluralistic health systems.

COMPLUS has 4 main objectives


Delineate policy, institutional and community contexts that facilitate or impede effective community participation in urban pluralistic health systems through urban health committees.

Build ground up and implement context specific interventions in the three countries co-produced with marginalised communities in urban settings and health system stakeholders to facilitate participation and community voice.

Trace relationships between contexts, mechanisms, and outcomes of implementation of the intervention and draw on the analysis to refine the intervention and propose measures that can facilitate and strengthen community voice.

Learn from the different country contexts and foster capacity strengthening of communities, health system stakeholders and global health researchers.

COMPLUS will be undertaken in three countries and six cities: Cape Town and Gqeberha in South Africa, Sao Paulo and Fortaleza in Brazil, and Mumbai and Bangalore in India, with the collaboration of four different partners: University of Cape Town (UCT), The Brazilian Center of Analysis and Planning (CEBRAP), The George Institute for Global Health, India(TGI), and Society for Promotion of Area Resource Centers (SPARC).

COMPLUS was launched in Cape Town in February 2023 and will run for 4 years until September 2026


COMPLUS envisions enhancing accountability, responsiveness and inclusivity of urban health systems through strengthening participation of communities and their voices in pluralistic urban health systems.


COMPLUS will be carried out in six cities in three countries by four partners – UCT in South Africa, CEBRAP in Brazil, TGI and SPARC in India


COMPLUS comprises researchers with diverse backgrounds, and the participating institutions that will work with resident communities in their respective geographies

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